Program & Skipper
The recommended program can be changed according clients preferences and the weather conditions. For example if you prefer to overnight in a beach rather than in a port we can do it. The skipper never sails during the night and his sailing hours is approximately 7-8 hours per day. In either way the program is flexible and your skipper will explain all your alternatives. The skipper is responsible for the safety of the crew and the yacht. At least one member of the crew must learn some basics to help the skipper especially when the approach or departs from the ports.

All the ports of the area of Sporades are public (no marinas. As a consequence, we cannot reserve places for our yachts in advance. Especially during July and August where the ports are quite crowded and busy it is frequent the case of anchorage in the bay of the port and approach the dock with the dinghy

You are responsible for your nutrition. You can cook on board. Each boat has the basic equipment for cooking. The yacht have also a gas stove you can cook. You do not have any extra charge for gas consumption. There is also a 12V yacht fridge around 100 lt capacity. Also you can find a variety of taverns in the islands if you do not wish to cook.

Cleaning On board
The yacht will be cleaned before your departure but you are responsible to keep it clean during your stay. So before your departure you need to buy some cleaning staff such as soap for plates, sponge, a surface cleaner soap and the deck and detergent for your WC. Also you need garbage bags and toilette paper. Some clients prefer to buy also one use of plates, glasses, forks etc

Electric Power Supply
The yacht can support 12V plugs only as in the cars. So you can charge your mobile or laptop. Avoid bringing electric devises as hair dryers because the boat cannot support it.

The yacht will be loaded with water (300-500 lt depending on the type of the boat). If you need to refill it then you will have to pay extra in the ports. (aprox. 10 euros). The yacht has hot water for your showers.

The yachts fringe is electrical and operates only when the main engine is running (12V). When the yacht is anchorage and the engine is turned of then the fringe is supported by ice. Upon embarkation we supply the yacht with ice. During your vacation you might need to buy ice.

Gas Bottles
Each yacht has 2 gas bottles of 3kg each.

The yacht has pillows, blankets and linen/ towels are provided. We do not offer swimming towels.

For your own comfort try to bring small soft suitcases in order to store them in the yacht cabins. Prefer soft shoes in order to use them on board. During sailing trips you do not need to bring a lot of things. Basically you need swim suits, light clothing and a light jacket in case it is chill during the night.

All boats are inspected by the Hellenic Register of Shipping and have all the life-saving tools provided by Greek Law. Additionally, each trip is preceded by port authority control